Gatlinburg’s First Snow of the Winter

Snow in Gatlinburg

This is the light sprinkle of snow we have here in Gatlinburg today.

Last night we had our first real sprinkling of snow for this winter season. It was an adventurous drive home for us, for those of you who don’t know when it snows here in Gatlinburg you never know what to expect when you reach the peak of one of the back roads and start down the other side of the peak. You may slide sideways down the hill, or you might just get lucky and have a smooth and easy ride down the mountain side. In my personal experience it is best to just take it slow on nights like last night, don’t hesitate when driving uphill and make sure you keep a slow steady pace. Hitting the brakes driving down hill can prove to be disastrous, last night we saw a can sitting on it’s windshield. The best thing to do when it snows here is to park your car and catch a lift up to Ober Gatlinburg. For those of you who are not familiar with Ober, it is an excellent place to go snow boarding, snow skiing, tubing, ice skating,  or to look for unique items sold in the Ober Gatlinburg shops. Its sort of a village all unto its own, and you can easily spend an entire day there without getting bored.

I do suggest you bring your own skis or snow boards if you have them, it can get costly when you have to pay all the rental fees, however they do offer some very good equipment if you do not have your own. And if you decide you like it enough you can even buy some of their equipment in their ski shop.

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