Life According to Jake, The Village in Gatlinburg TN.

Life According to Jake, The Village in Gatlinburg, TN.

Life According to Jake, The Village in Gatlinburg, TN.

If you follow the trail around the water fountain in The Village in Gatlinburg you will find some really amazing shops. One of our favorites is called Life According to Jake, it isn’t just because of their prices that we love this shop. We love the calm and relaxing atmosphere and we love the fact that they are also animal lovers! They have everything in the shop from cups for hiking to toys for your puppy, we especially love the sticker selection they have since we love to decorate our rear windows with every hobby we take part in;-). Life According

Mugs and accessories at Life According to Jake in Gatlinburg, TN

Mugs and accessories at Life According to Jake in Gatlinburg, TN

to Jake is a very surprising breath of fresh artistic air, since they are not filled with every type of tourist trap type of paraphernalia. They have things you can actually use once your are back home, or for that matter they have things you can use while your on vacation like pj’s or back packs to carry everything you bought while your on your trip back home.

It’s very easy to find Life According to Jake, just follow the path to the right around the water fountain in the center of The Village. If you follow it all the way around and turn down the pathway on the right you will immediately see the entrance to Life According to Jake on the left. The sign outside the entrance is unmistakable and so are the unique items you will find inside. My daughter and I have traditionally bought toys for our dogs there and we also got her cute pink water bottle for school at the shop last year.

One of my favorite early morning coffee mugs also came from Life According to Jake and I can say that I truly enjoy the feel of my very favorite mug every morning. If you are looking for a gift to bring to family or friends that will make them think of you every time they use it, I highly suggest you buy one of these to take home with you. It is an easy reminder of a truly laid back time and lifestyle that I am sure your friends or family members will enjoy and think of you with every use. I can’t say enough about their colorful mugs either, I know they have saved me a thousand times from spills in my car.

Life According to Jake, Gatlinburg TN

Life According to Jake is pretty laid back in Gatlinburg TN.

My daughter and her friends really love the knit animal hats they have in the shop and these seem to also be all the rage right now with the kids and adults alike. You can find all types of quirky gifts that you or friends and family will actually treasure after the trip to Gatlinburg is over. All the prices are very reasonable and not at all over inflated so anything you decide to purchase will fit nicely into anyone’s budget. I can’t begin to tell you how many times we have come to downtown and underestimated how chilly the mountain winds can be, the hats and gloves at Life According to Jake fit my budget and they are always very colorful so my nine-year old daughter or her friends always love them even when there were last-minute purchases. My teenage sons have their rooms covered in Life According to Jake wall hangings, they think it is just too cool to dress our little dogs in the ear muffs and scarf

Life According to Jake in Gatlinburg, TN.

Stickers at Life According to Jake in Gatlinburg, TN.

like the wall hangings in the shop. I am not really sure when Sinjin got his first wall hanging from Life According to Jake, but I am very certain that when he decides to look for another one he will got to our little shop in The Village here in Gatlinburg.

I myself am crazy about the stickers, you will find all kinds of them on the back window of my car, and I love to give them to my kids. It makes it very easy to identify my car when I am parked in massive parking lots and I get to dress my otherwise boring rear window with all the colors of the Life According the Jake rainbow and show how much I love my own little dogs at the same time. We love this shop so much and the prices are so awesome that it has made our top ten list, we hope that when you come to Gatlinburg you will visit Lie According to Jake and take something memorable home with you from your trip. It is sure to be a fun experience with plenty of ambience since it is located in The Village.

There is a less known entrance to the Village in the rear of the shops, if you turn at the light at the corner where Subway is onto Cherokee Orchard Rd. you can park at Pi Beta Phi for a nominal fee, or you can park at the parking lot just behind The Village. The sidewalk leads straight into the back

Life According to Jake in The Village in Gatlinburg, TN.

Life According to Jake in The Village in Gatlinburg, TN.

side of The Village and if you follow the brick path back toward the big fountain just past the Doughnut Friar and turn to the left you will find Life According to Jake down the walkway on the left.

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