Hollywood Star Cars – Gatlinburg TN Favorite

Hollywood Star Cars, a very interesting peak into how Hollywood Stars live and the cars used in movies or on TV

Hollywood Star Cars, a very interesting peak into how Hollywood Stars live and the cars used in movies or on TV

If you have ever dreamed of owning your own spy car, or sitting in the same seat that maybe someone like Elvis then you really need to make a visit to Hollywood Star Cars in Gatlinburg, TN. The first time I ever had the pleasure of touring this multi floor museum I was in awe of all the different realms of stardom the collection they have covers. Right as you first walk in you can’t help but be blown away by the Batmobile, not just any old bat car; but the original Batmobile. Herbie the Bug is also there and he even has blinking headlights just like on the show!

You can touch the cars and have your picture made with them, you can even sit inside some of them! The cars range from the Munster’s Dragula, The Beverly Hillbillies Truck (which we found to be very apopro considering the origins of the show), to the Bond BMW that is equipped with every gadget that any normal BMW would not typically come standard with such as heat seeking missiles in just case the random evil guy pulls out in front of you.

It may seem a little kitschy at first, however you can’t fight the star power of all the cars they have for your to explore. They all have awesome history and we won’t ruin the tour by telling you about each individual car that is inside, lets just say that you won’t be disappointed by what you find at Hollywood Star Cars in Gatlinburg and there will definitely be a car for every persons taste in your group. From small child to elderly adult, everyone will enjoy the tour and leave your groups both large and small with plenty of memorable photo ops that will create lasting memories of your trip to Gatlinburg.

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